Inventor. Politician. Genius.


Caste: Twilight
Supernal Ability: Lore
Essence: 2


Castor was born and raised in a small village somewhere in the East. At a young age, the boy showed his brilliance by improving the tools and simple machines used by the townsfolk. Seeing the boy’s potential, the town pooled their resources and Castor’s father sold his son’s inventions, to send Castor to a prestigious school in a nearby city. He quickly outwitted his teachers there as well, and was offered a stipend to study on the Blessed Isle. Castor took this chance, and set sail for the seat of an empire.

Being a mortal from some “backwater hamlet”, Castor was treated badly by his fellow students and most of his patrician teachers. His vast intellect and eternal patience carried the young man through his studies, but he decided to leave his peers behind in shock and awe. During the graduation festivities on one of the Realm’s airships, Castor jumped off the ship while his fellow graduates and teachers watched him fall. The fall into the water below would have certainly killed him, had the Unconquered Sun no other plans for him.

Broken, exhausted, but also Exalted, Castor made it to the shores of the Southern Threshold, and set forth to start a new life.

h2. Events of Gem City Nights

Castor and Nayden met while the brilliant inventor was travelling with a caravan towards Gem. The two Exalts kept working together, including their heist of the wealthy trader Cavatozin. While Castor cooked his books and forced the merchant through sorcery to never speak of this, Nayden stole from his warehouse. Castor also took a cursed dreamstone from Cavatozin, deciding to keep it in his own home.

Castor worked primarily for Madame Jannisa of House Sahlak, one of the ruling families of Gem. As her accountant and close advisor, Castor plotted with her to win House Arbani’s trust to get a hold on a prototype firewand they are developing. Castor and Arbani Halan, the elder of the house, actually worked well together, even though the Twilight’s curiosity inflicted serious damage inside the noble’s firewand factory. With Nayden’s help, Castor is able to get his hands on the prototype firewand and starts studying it. He discovers that it makes use of a lot of ancient technology. He creates a copy of the prototype to present to Jannisa, while keeping the original to himself. Also, he feels drawn to a mysterious door in the basement of his house, covered in runes and symbols.

Jannisa asks Castor to keep an eye on Nayden, who is at this point making quite a career within the arena circuits of Gem. The Twilight and Night Caste work together to have Nayden’s upcoming fight against V’Neef Cicero, great Realm warrior and brother of Calia, turn into a draw. Secretly, the Solars bet on this outcome, making a huge profit. Castor sabotages the controls of the arena’s “special effects”, which causes Circla Belusco to end the fight in a draw. Both Solars enjoy their new-found wealth.

Castor continues his work with Arbani Halan, inspecting his factory for possible improvements. The two also exchange political ideas, and find out that they share the same beliefs and visions of a more equal, democratic Gem. Castor proposes a plan to improve the factory, and Halan gives him a very tight deadline for this. At home, the Twilight turns his attention to the door in his basement, using books and scrolls bought from an old lady at the city’s market. He finds out that the symbols tell the tale of a clockwork army, used to conquer cities. The clockwork soldiers had to be recharged at hidden facilities. Castor takes note.

When Castor is picked up by a servant of Halan, they both find the man dead in his palanquin, his chest cut open and a green glow over his body.

Castor and Halan planned to work together, until Halan was actually assassinated in his own palanquin.


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